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Set 1 Description: Line plots of annual trends in energy balance, soil water/ice and temperature, runoff, snow water/ice, photosynthesis
'D_' denotes a variable derived from two or more history file variables (lnd_func.ncl)
'C_' denotes a CASA model variable.

Variable Name Long Name NativeUnits ReportedUnits
TSA 2m air temperature K K
PREC ppt: rain+snow mm/s mm/d
TOTRUNOFF Runoff:qover+qdrai+qrgwl mm/s mm/d
TSOI soil temperature : layers 1-10 K K
FPSN photosynthesis umol/m^2/s PgC/y
ELAI exposed one-sided leaf area index m2/m2 m2/m2
ESAI exposed one-sided stem area index m2/m2 m2/m2
TLAI total one-sided leaf area index m2/m2 m2/m2
TSAI total one-sided stem area index m2/m2 m2/m2
LAISUN Sunlit Projected Leaf Area Index m2/m2 m^2/m^2
LAISHA Shaded Projected Leaf Area Index m^2/m^2 m^2/m^2
BTRAN transpiration beta factor unitless unitless
QINFL infiltration mm/s mm/d
QOVER surface runoff mm/s mm/d
QRGWL surface runoff at glaciers, wetlands, lakes mm/s mm/d
QDRAI sub-surface drainage mm/s mm/d
QINTR interception mm/s mm/d
QSOIL ground evaporation mm/s mm/d
QVEGT canopy transpiration mm/s mm/d
SOILLIQ soil liquid water : layers 1-10 kg/m^2 kg/m^2
SOILICE soil ice : layers 1-10 kg/m^2 kg/m^2
SOILPSI Soil Water Potential in Each Soil Layer MPa MPa
SNOWLIQ snow liquid water kg/m^2 kg/m^2
SNOWICE snow ice kg/m^2 kg/m^2
TOTSOILLIQ total soil liquid water kg/m^2 kg/m^2
TOTSOILICE total soil ice kg/m^2 kg/m^2
WA water in the unconfined aquifer mm mm
ZWT water table depth m m
QCHARGE aquifer recharge rate mm/s mm/d
FCOV fractional area with water table at surface unitless [0-1] unitless [0-1]
CO2_PPMV CO2 concentration ppmv ppmv
NEE net ecosys exchange of C;incl fire flx;pos for source gC/m^2/s PgC/y
NEP net ecosystem production;excl fire flx;pos for sink gC/m^2/s PgC/y
GPP gross primary production gC/m^2/s PgC/y
PSNSUN_TO_CPOOL GPP from Sunlit Canopy gC/m^2/s PgC/y
PSNSHADE_TO_CPOOL GPP from Shaded Canopy gC/m^2/s PgC/y
NPP net primary production gC/m^2/s PgC/y
AGNPP above ground net primary production gC/m^2/s PgC/y
BGNPP below ground net primary production gC/m^2/s PgC/y
MR maintenance respiration gC/m^2/s PgC/y
GR total growth respiration gC/m^2/s PgC/y
AR autotrophic respiration (MR + GR) gC/m^2/s PgC/y
LITHR litter hetereotrophic respiration gC/m^2/s PgC/y
SOMHR SOM hetereotrophic respiration gC/m^2/s PgC/y
HR total hetereotrophic respiration gC/m^2/s PgC/y
RR root respiration (fine root MR + total root GR) gC/m^2/s PgC/y
SR total soil respiration (HR + root resp) gC/m^2/s PgC/y
ER total ecosystem respiration (AR + HR) gC/m^2/s PgC/y
LEAFC leaf carbon gC/m^2 PgC
SOIL3C Soil organic matter C (slow pool) gC/m^2 PgC
SOIL4C Soil organic matter C (slowest pool) gC/m^2 PgC
FROOTC fine root carbon gC/m^2 PgC
LIVESTEMC live stem C gC/m^2 PgC
DEADSTEMC dead stem carbon gC/m^2 PgC
LIVECROOTC live coarse root carbon gC/m^2 PgC
DEADCROOTC dead coarse root carbon gC/m^2 PgC
CPOOL temporary photosynthate C pool gC/m^2 PgC
XSMRPOOL Temporary Photosynthate C Pool gC/m^2 PgC
TOTVEGC total vegetation C, excluding cpool gC/m^2 PgC
CWDC coarse woody debris carbon gC/m^2 PgC
TOTLITC total litter carbon gC/m^2 PgC
TOTSOMC total SOM carbon gC/m^2 PgC
TOTECOSYSC total ecosystem C, incl veg but excl cpool gC/m^2 PgC
TOTCOLC total ecosystem C, incl veg and cpool gC/m^2 PgC
COL_CTRUNC column-level sink for C truncation gC/m^2 PgC
PFT_CTRUNC pft-level sink for C truncation gC/m^2 PgC
FPG fraction of potential GPP proportion proportion
FPI fraction of potential immobilization proportion proportion
TOTECOSYSN total ecosystem N gN/m^2 TgN
NDEP_TO_SMINN nitrogen deposition gN/m^2/s TgN/y
NFIX_TO_SMINN nitrogen fixation gN/m^2/s TgN/y
SUPPLEMENT_TO_SMINN supplement to mineral nitrogen gN/m^2/s TgN/y
SMINN_LEACHED Nitrogen Leached gN/m^2/s TgN/y
SMINN soil mineral N gN/m^2 TgN
SMINN_TO_NPOOL Mineral N to NPool gN/m^2/s TgN/y
COL_NTRUNC column-level sink for N truncation gN/m^2 TgN
PFT_NTRUNC pft-level sink for N truncation gN/m^2 TgN
RETRANSN plant pool of retranslocated N gN/m^2 TgN
RETRANSN_TO_NPOOL Retranslocated N to NPool gN/m^2/s TgN/y
POTENTIAL_IMMOB Potential Immobilization gN/m^2/s TgN/y
ACTUAL_IMMOB Actual Immobilization gN/m^2/s TgN/y
GROSS_NMIN Gross N Mineralization gN/m^2/s TgN/y
NET_NMIN Net N Mineralization gN/m^2/s TgN/y
NDEPLOY Total N Deployed in New Growth gN/m^2/s TgN/y
DENIT Total Denitrification gN/m^2/s TgN/y
SOIL3N soil organic matter N (slow pool) gN/m^2 TgN
SOIL4N Soil organic matter N (slowest pool) gN/m^2 TgN
COL_FIRE_CLOSS total column-level fire C loss gC/m^2/s PgC/y
PFT_FIRE_CLOSS total pft-level fire C loss gC/m^2/s PgC/y
COL_FIRE_NLOSS total column-level fire N loss gN/m^2/s TgN/y
PFT_FIRE_NLOSS total pft-level fire N loss gN/m^2/s TgN/y
FIRESEASONL annual fire season length days days
ANN_FAREA_BURNED annual total fractional area burned proportion proportion
MEAN_FIRE_PROB e-folding mean of daily fire probability 0-1 proportion
CWDC_HR Coarse Woody Debris C Hetereotrophic respiration gC/m2s PgC/y
CWDC_LOSS Coarse Woody Debris C Loss gC/m2s PgC/y
FROOTC_ALLOC Fine root C allocation gC/m2s PgC/m2y
FROOTC_LOSS Fine root C Loss gC/m2s PgC/m2y
LEAFC_ALLOC Leaf C Allocation gC/m2s PgC/m2y
LEAFC_LOSS Leaf C Loss gC/m2s PgC/m2y
LITTERC Total Litter C gC/m2 PgC
LITTERC_HR Litter Hetereotrophic Respiration gC/m2s PgC/m2y
LITTERC_LOSS Litter C Loss gC/m2s PgC/m2y
SOILC soil organic matter C (fast pool) gC/m2 PgC
SOILC_HR Soil C hetereotrophic respiration gC/m2s PgC/y
SOILC_LOSS Soil C Loss gC/m2s PgC/y
WOODC Wood C gC/m2 PgC
WOODC_ALLOC Wood C Allocation gC/m2s PgC/y
WOODC_LOSS Wood C Loss gC/m2s PgC/y