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Set 10 Description: Horizontal contour plots of DJF, MAM, JJA, SON, and ANN means, zoomed in on the Greenland ice sheet
'D_' denotes a variable derived from two or more history file variables (lnd_func.ncl)
'C_' denotes a CASA model variable.

Variable Name Long Name NativeUnits ReportedUnits
TSA 2m air temperature K K
PREC ppt: rain+snow mm/s mm/s
ASA all-sky albedo:FSR/FSDS proportion proportion
RNET net radiation:fsa-fira W/m^2 W/m^2
LHEAT latent heat:FCTR+FCEV+FGEV W/m^2 W/m^2
TOTRUNOFF Total Liquid Runoff mm/s mm/s
QOVER surface runoff mm/s mm/s
QRGWL surface runoff at glaciers (liquid only), wetlands, lakes; also includes melted ice runoff from QSNWCPICE mm/s mm/s
QRUNOFF_RAIN_TO_SNOW_CONVERSION liquid runoff from rain-to-snow conversion when this conversion leads to immediate runoff mm/s mm/s
QDRAI sub-surface drainage mm/s mm/s
QFLX_LIQ_DYNBAL liq dynamic land cover change conversion runoff flux mm/s mm/s
QFLX_ICE_DYNBAL ice dynamic land cover change conversion runoff flux mm/s mm/s
QRUNOFF_ICE total liquid runoff not incl correction for LULCC (ice landunits only) mm/s mm/s
SNOWDP snow height m m
FSH sensible heat W/m^2 W/m^2
FSH_TO_COUPLER sensible heat sent to coupler W/m^2 W/m^2
FSH_PRECIP_CONVERSION SHF from conv of rain/snow atm forcing W/m^2 W/m^2
FSH_RUNOFF_ICE_TO_LIQ SHF from conv of ice runoff to liquid W/m^2 W/m^2
TV vegetation temperature K K
TG ground temperature K K
FSA absorbed solar radiation W/m^2 W/m^2
FSR reflected solar radiation W/m^2 W/m^2
FIRA net infrared (longwave) radiation W/m^2 W/m^2
FIRE emitted infrared (longwave) radiation W/m^2 W/m^2
FGR heat flux into snow/soil (includes snow melt) W/m^2 W/m^2
FSM snow melt heat flux W/m^2 W/m^2
H2OSNO total snow water equiv (SNOWICE + SNOWLIQ) mm mm
H2OSNO_ICE total snow water equiv (SNOWICE + SNOWLIQ) over glacier units mm mm
QSNOMELT snow melt mm/s mm/s
QSNOMELT_ICE snow melt over glacier units mm/s mm/s
QSNOFRZ column-integrated snow freezing rate mm/s mm/s
QSNOFRZ_ICE column-integrated snow freezing rate (ice landunits only) mm/s mm/s
QSOIL ground evaporation mm/s mm/s
QSOIL_ICE ground evaporation over glacier units mm/s mm/s
QICE_FRZ ice growth mm/s mm/s
QICE_MELT ice melt mm/s mm/s
QICE ice growth/melt mm/s mm/s
FSNO fraction of ground covered by snow unitless unitless
SNOWDP snow height m m
RAIN atmospheric rain mm/s mm/s
SNOW atmospheric snow mm/s mm/s
RAIN_REPARTITIONED atmospheric rain after repartitioning mm/s mm/s
SNOW_REPARTITIONED atmospheric snow after repartitioning mm/s mm/s
P-E PREC-ET mm/s mm/s
WIND atmospheric wind velocity magnitude m/s m/s
FLDS atmospheric longwave radiation W/m^2 W/m^2
FSDS atmospheric incident solar radiation W/m^2 W/m^2
Q2M 2m specific humidity kg/kg kg/kg
RH2M 2m relative humidity % %
TSOI soil temperature : layers 1-10 K K
TWS total water storage mm mm
U10 10-m wind m/s m/s
PBOT atm pressure of bottom layer Pa Pa