AMWG Variability Diagnostics

Dave Williamson's Draft of the WGNE Standard Diagnostics of Variability.

3-Hourly Data plots

  • Diurnal cycle of precipitation plots

    6-Hourly Data plots

  • Wavenumber-frequency power spectra plots

    Daily Data plots

  • Hovmöller plots of 200 mb velocity potential
  • Madden-Julian Oscillation index plots
  • Precipitation rate histograms

    Monthly/Seasonal Data plots

  • Equatorial Pacific Hovmöller plots of anomalies
  • Timeseries of surface temperature anomalies
  • Timeseries of Niño 1&2, Niño 3, Niño 4 anomalies
  • Timeseries of precipitation anomalies
  • Timeseries of total cloud amount anomalies
  • Timeseries of sea-level pressure anomalies
  • EOFs of N Pacific and Atlantic winter 500 mb geopotential height
  • Amplitude and phase of annual cycle of precip and 2-meter temp

    Developers: Mark Stevens, Rich Neale, Julie Caron, Dani Coleman, Jadwiga Richter, and Jack Chen
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    Jack Chen (