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  _NCProperties: version=1|netcdflibversion=4.4.1|hdf5libversion=1.8.17

  creation_date: Thu Jul 30 15:10:46 PDT 2015

  Conventions: Please contact Prof. James Randerson (Email: or Dr. Mingquan Mu ( for any question

  source_file: This product is generated from monthly Global Biosphere Amtospher Flux (GBAF) observations

  title: derived GBAF in 0.5x0.5

  Approach: I read this variable from data file, and then save the data in NetCDF format by each month and each year. Meanwhile, I also converted the unit from gC/m2/day to KgC/m2/day.

  Temporal resolution: monthly

  General information: This product was derived from Monthly estimates of global biosphere-atmosphere fluxes from Biogeochemistry group at Max Planck Institute in Jena, Germany.

  Spatial resolution: 0.5x0.5 degree

  Derived data code: