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  creation_date: Tue Jun 28 17:17:43 PDT 2016

  Conventions: Please contact Prof. James Randerson (Email: or Dr. Mingquan Mu ( for any question

  source_file: This product is generated from monthly 0.5 degree GFED4 burned area with small fires observations

  title: derived GFED4 burned area fracttion with small fires

  Approach: I divided the monthly area burned within each grid grid cell, original in units of square kilometers, by the total area in in each land grid cell, then converted the unit to percentage. Meanwhile, I set all grid cells in desert areas to missing. The output files were transformed to netcdf format.

  Temporal resolution: monthly

  General information: This product was derived from GFED4 dataset.

  Spatial resolution: 0.5x0.5 degree

  Derived data code: